The New Art of Self Defence part II – Technique no 7

No. 7 – If a Man Seizes you by the Coat and Attempts to Shake you – how to Release yourself, and to Overthrow your Assailant is the name of a fun technique from Barton’s second article for Pearson’s Magazine (April 1899). It is reproduced on page 218 of The Bartitsu Compendium Vol 1.

Assuming both defendant and antagonist are in leading right guard.

The antagonist grabs the defendant’s lapels with both hands in order to shake him.

The defendant raises his hands above the antagonist’s arms and punches both of them forward into his face.  Then the defendant sends both elbows down into the antagonist’s inside elbows in order to bend the arms and bring him closer.

The defendant then reaches behind the antagonist’s head with his left hand and grabs the hair or around the head. At the same time the defendant’s right hand grips the antagonist’s chin.

Then the defendant pulls the antagonist’s head towards him placing the antagonist’s right cheek against the left side of his breast.  Making the antagonist look up and across the defendant’s chest and right shoulder.

Finally all that remains is for the defendant to take a long step backwards with the left foot.  This will twist the antagonist off balance and send him crashing down on his back.

A key point for the defendant is to bring the antagonist’s head close to the chest in a pulling motion, and not try to twist the neck with outstretched arms.

The antagonist can shift the grip to embrace the torso of the defendant before the fall, to ease the way down and make the fall softer.



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