Lang’s Eleventh Trick

H.G. Lang’s eleventh trick for disarming an opponent is included on page 170 of the second volume of The Bartitsu Compendium. Pages 50-51 of The Walking Stick Method of Self Defence.

As the assailant makes a high diagonal strike from the outside with his cane, the defendant steps inside the strike and blocks the arm with his left forearm. If the strike was powerful this can in itself be enough to disarm the assailant.


The defendant then proceeds to strike the assailant’s right triceps from behind, by reaching under the arm. This makes the assailant’s arm bend and allows the defendant to lock his hands. Then the defendant simply has to step forwards to throw the assailant to the ground.

The study group first tried this on 2016-09-11.

The study group found it wise to be very careful when performing this throw as it put great strain on the assailant’s shoulder. Easing the assailant to the ground over the duration of a slow count to four seemed like a good pace during practice.


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