Wolf, Tony – The Bartitsu Compendium

The two volumes of The Bartitsu Compendium are the place to start.  They contain both reprints of articles on bartitsu written by Barton, and various other materials related to Barton’s new art of self defense. The first book is more focused on the history of bartitsu and the second is more focused on techniques.

bartitsu_compendium_1 bartitsu_compendium_2


Longhurst, Percy – Jiu-Jitsu and other Methods of Self-Defence (1906)

While strictly speaking not part of canonical Bartitsu, Longhurst’s book is from the same period. The book is illustrated with photographs and drawings. It contains a special chapter on jujitsu for women and a section on self defence with a cane.

Longhurst studied with Barton-Wright for a time, probably during the Bartitsu Club years.


Lang, H.G. – The Walking Stick Method of Self Defence (1923)

Lang’s system for cane fighting is based on Vigny’s, and large portions of his book are included for reference in the second volume of The Bartitsu Compendium.


Cunningham, Andrew Chase – The Cane as a Weapon

Cunningham’s system for cane defense is different from that of Vigny’s.  In this book the old text has been supplemented with new photographs to make the system easier to grasp.



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